Terms and conditions

General conditions of Ringfreaks GmbH, Kelberg – in the following Ringfreaks – for the rental of vehicles and use of website www.ringfreaks.de

Privacy Policy

1. Who processes your personal data?

Ringfreaks GmbH registered office is located at Mayener str. 18, 53539 Kelberg, Germany (hereinafter referred to as (“we”, “us”, “our(s)”) is responsible for the processing of your personal data (i.e. any information that would allow us to identify you, either directly or indirectly) collected through our website, our rental stations, or through other contact you may have with us.

  1. For what purposes do we collect your personal data?

We collect and use personal data that you voluntarily provide to us for some or all of the following purposes:

  1. The booking and the management of your vehicle rental:
  2. to confirm your booking;
  3. to modify or cancel your booking;
  4. to correspond with you in relation to your booking or rental (e.g. to provide you with information on your booking or rental, to send you reminder notices before your check-in / check-out times; to respond to your questions or suggestions);
  5. to manage your rental (including delivery and return of the vehicle);
  6. to manage your invoices;
  7. to manage any payment of arrears;
  8. to manage any disputes;
  9. Payment purposes
  10. supporting our fight against criminal activities including theft and fraud.
  11. the recording of your rental history to suggest pre-selected options when looking for new bookings or rentals.
  12. The management of fines, in particular:
  13. to transfer information to the police or other enforcement agencies or issuing authorities to enable them to identify the driver of our vehicle (or potential driver) in the event of a driving offence or suspected driving offence;
  14. to transfer information to public or private enforcement agencies for the purpose of addressing Parking Notifications and associated fines.

This processing is required by law or carried out to support our legitimate interests.

  1. The management and update of a register of customers (the ‘Watchlist’) presenting certain contractual risks based on:
  2. payment incidents which have given rise to legal proceedings;
  3. accidents involving our vehicles or repeated damage caused by a customer;

iii. accidents or damage caused voluntarily by a customer;

  1. use of our vehicles in breach of the general terms and conditions that apply to the rental of our vehicles.

This processing is based on our legitimate interest and aims to reduce our financial exposure in the performance of the rental agreements.

  1. Cookies Policy – we carry out certain processing of your personal information through “cookies” and other tracers collected every time you visit our website.

Cookie Policy

Ringfreaks collects information about your device by using cookies and similar technologies. Cookies and other similar technologies are tracers stored on your device when you visit our website (the “Cookies”).


Online Booking Terms and Conditions

1. Payment / Credit card

  1. Payment

“Arrive and drive” – On line booking – full prepayment (payment at the time of booking):

When opting for “30% reservation fee” online, payment of the 30% amount will be required at time of booking, rest – on your arrival to Ringfreaks.

  1. Means of payment

Payment can me made using the following means of payment:

-Credit cards

-Debit cards


Cards usually accepted within Ringfreaks are “American Express”, “Mastercard” and “Visa”.

The card holder (in case of a prepaid booking) must be identified as the renter (the “Main driver” to be mentioned on the rental agreement). Such person must present his/her card (identified with the same name) at time of “Check Out”.

Changes to reservation: Modification / Cancellation Policy

No later than 5 days before your booking, there is a 30% cancellation fee, or you can change the date of booking.

Not showing without any notice, or cancelling within 5 days prior to booking, the cancellation fee is 100% of your booking.

Changing of date can be done through link in your booking confirmation email. Cancellation must notice Ringfreaks through email info@ringfreaks.de providing your booking ID.

Performances of ringfreaks

  1. Ringfreaks provides the renter with a vehicle of the agreed type with which the renter is allowed to drive on the agreed racetrack. The use of the vehicle on other racetracks, other roads and outside of paved public roads is prohibited. Exclusively the direct way to Nordschleife entry and gas station are allowed.
  2. The use is only permitted by the renter, the transfer of the vehicle to third parties is prohibited.
  3. The vehicle is filled up to the renter with super plus fuel (at least 98 Octane)
  4. Before handing over, the renter is granted the right to inspect the vehicle one hour before start of lease to investigate in detail and any defects or bodywork, paint, or visual rim damage. Before handing over, the vehicle can have a written log to be signed by both parties upon request.
  5. The rental price includes car tax, liability insurance and Lubricants, but not fuel and entry fee of the racetrack (Round tickets, event costs). Not covered by liability insurance are damage to guardrails, fences or other belongings to the racetrack, objects and the race track itself. This need to be paid by the renter, unless a proven behavior of Ringfreaks would be the cause for this.

Duties of the renter

  1. The renter is obliged to pay the agreed rent before handing over the vehicle in full to pay and deposit the agreed deposit for the vehicle either in cash or a credit card with sufficient limit to charge the amount of the deposit available.
  2. The renter is obliged to treat the vehicle with care, in particular the technical regulations and the operating instructions, oil level, water level and check the tire pressure during the rental period, refill with oil as soon as the oil level is reached minimum display achieved (not only when the oil lamp in the cockpit lights up) and at the refill with no more than refill to maximum. If water loss or oil loss occurs, the engine warning lamp, the warning light for Oil pressure or low oil level or the engine temperature warning light, the vehicle should be stopped immediately and track officials and RingFreaks must be informed immediately.
  3. The renter is obliged not to exceed the maximum permitted RPM’s. These are for BMW E36 325i, BMW E90 325i 6800 rpm, Renault Clio RS 7600 rpm. If this limit is exceeded by at least 200 rpm, RingFreaks are entitled to check the technical condition of the engine at the expense of the renter or by a third party on the cost paid by the renter if damage is found during this check, the renter bears the costs of the Repair. The renter expressly agrees that in case of dispute, an evaluation of the data recorded is used as evidence. An influence of the renter on technical components of the vehicle, seals or the data logging system as well the camera is prohibited.
  4. The renter must ensure his ability to drive before and during the journey, he may not drive while doing drugs, alcohol or other intoxicants or medicines, which could lead to his ability to drive.
  5. The use of the vehicle is only permitted to the renter, a lease to third parties is not allowed. The same applies to the transport of persons in the vehicle (for example, taxilaps) unless allowed by Ringfreaks.

Liability of the renter

  1. The vehicle has a liability insurance. The renter is therefore liable for any damage to the rented vehicle during the rental time. This does not apply if the renter proves that the damage to the vehicle incurred without his fault or the damage at fault by RingFreaks.
  2. The renter must inform RingFreaks about any damage to the vehicle immediately. The vehicle will also be inspected after being returned to RingFreaks. Was the vehicle between handover to the renter and return by the renter damaged, Ringfreaks will perform a calculation of the damage (repair costs, any impairment, any loss of revenue) and notify the renter. If the renter does not accept the calculation of the damage calculated by RingFreaks, then a third party expert will come on the cost of the renter. The choice of the expert rests with RingFreaks. The amount of damage determined by the expert is for both parties binding.
  3. The renter is aware that the insurance coverage in the liability insurance will be NOT valid if: – The renter has driven away from the scene of the accident – the renter has made false information about a damage event – the renter intentionally or grossly neglected rules or driving behavior – The renter was not capable of driving, for example because of drugs, alcohol or other toxical or personal reasons – the renter has illegally transferred the vehicle to a third party – the renter did not have the required driver’s license. – the renter has changed any technical aspect of the vehicle – the renter intended to change the data or camera system In the case of total loss or loss of the vehicle under point 3, the renter needs to cover the actual cost of the vehicle. This is: BMW E90 325i 30,000euro – BMW E90 330i 30,000euro – BMW E36 325i 20.000euro – Renault Clio RS 30.000euro.
  4. Normal tire wear and brake wear are the usual wear and tear of the Vehicle included in the rental price, this does not apply to tire or brake wear due to improper handling of the vehicle or willfully induced wear such as spinning wheels at start, drifts, that are not required by the specific driving situations on the road or the racetrack.
  5. In case of tire damage the renter has to park the vehicle, and inform RingFreaks. RingFreaks will ensure that the damaged tire is replaced as soon as possible.
  6. Total or temporary suspension of the race track for the period of rental does not lead to a reduction in the rent.
  7. In case of accident or other damage to the rented vehicle, other vehicles or part of the racetrack, the renter is obliged to immediately inform RingFreaks as well as the track officials. And Inform about himself, the course of the accident and the damage.
  8. All claims for damages against RingFreaks are, as far as legally permissible, excluded, whether they are based on claims under contract, contract or statutory obligations, in particular to errors, defects or unauthorized action, fraudulently concealed or has assumed a guarantee of quality. This exclusion does not apply to culpable acts that led to damages, as far as these injury to life, body and health, as well as not for grossly negligent and intentional acts on the part of RingFreaks, whose statutory Representatives or vicarious agents, which led to other damages. As far as the liability of RingFreaks is excluded hereafter, this exclusion also applies for their legal representatives and vicarious agents.

Liability of ringfreaks

  1. The liability of RingFreaks is limited to cases of intent and gross negligence. This is also at negligently caused property and pecuniary damage at conclusion of contract foreseeable and contract-typical damages.
  2. This limitation of liability does not apply in the case of violation of material contractual obligations, those whose fulfillment ensures the proper implementation of the contract in the first place and on their compliance with the contractor can trust and trust regularly and for the injury of the life, the body or the Health.
  3. The limitation of liability under no. 1 and 2 applies equally to legal representatives and vicarious agents of ringfreaks.

Return of the vehicle

  1. The vehicle is fully fueled with super plus fuel (at least 98 octane) on return.
  2. The renter needs to return the car in clean state. The renter is responsible for all cleaning costs when not returning the car in the state he received it.
  3. Will the agreed date for the return of the vehicle exceeded by more than half an hour, RingFreaks is entitled to a user compensation. This corresponds to one hour rent and for each additional hour of delayed rent.