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Nürburgring is a 150,000-capacity motorsports complex located in the town of Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It features a Grand Prix race track built in 1984, and a much longer old “North loop” track which was built in the 1920s around the village and medieval castle of Nürburg in the Eifel mountains. The north loop is 20.8 km (12.9 mi) long and has more than 300 metres (1,000 feet) of elevation change from its lowest to highest points. Jackie Stewart nicknamed the old track “The Green Hell”.

When should I arrive when renting a car?

To ensure you are familiar with the car and all the papers are filled in, it is best to come at least an hour before your scheduled time. Please inform us as soon as possible if for any circumstances you are running late or not showing up. Failing to arrive without any notice means cancellation of your reservation.

What if I crash the car on track?

IF YOU HAVE A CRASH ON THE TRACK, DO NOT EVER LEAVE THE PLACE OF INCIDENT – Just park the car safely at the side of the track and wait for the Marshalls to arrive! Call 08000302112 for Nurburgring assistance.

In case of heavy or unfixable damage to our car, you do not need to cover all repair expenses. The maximum repair cost for a given vehicle is shown in car rental description. If the damage is minor, you only need to cover repair costs.

This means that you are liable for all car damages caused on and off the Nurburgring while you rented the car up to this amount. Track charges and recovery costs are not included in the basic insurance coverage.


You are driving a rental BMW E90 325i, you hop on the grass in a slow corner and scrape the railing with the side of the car. You pull over to the edge, dial the emergency number, wait for the Marshalls to arrive and evaluate if you are good to get back on the track or whether you need a recovery truck. You agree with their decision and follow their orders. The Marshalls will escort you to the office, where you will pay for their costs and any damage done to the railing. In a case of small contact this would cost you roughly € 1000. Next you will be charged € 200-300 for the recovery truck. Afterwards you can call us to come pick up the BMW and evaluate the damage and refund you the remaining sum of your deposit. But maximum you will have to cover is € 9000 for this BMW.

Remember, if you were driving your own car or a rental from any standard rental company, you would have to cover all Nürburgring expenses and cover FULL repair costs of the vehicle!

Can I carry passengers during Tourist Drives or Trackday events?

Yes, our cars are equipped with full safety equipment for both driver and passenger.

What happens if the car breaks down?

In case of the vehicle breaking down we will quickly investigate damage. Our AIM data logging system and camera allows us to clearly see what happened. If you are not responsible for the damage, then you will be dismissed from any charges, including towing. If you are responsible for the damage, for example if you switched to 3rd gear instead of 5th and over revved the engine, or by going off track you broke the wheels and/or suspension, then you are obliged to fully cover all repair costs.

Basic rules of driving at the Nürburgring.

  • Yellow flag – Danger spots, overtaking prohibited, pass danger spot at max. speed of 50 km/h.
  • Seat belts – Don‘t forget to put on seat belts. The same goes for rear passenger seats.
  • Stopping on the track – Absolutely no stopping anywhere on the track.
  • Overtaking – No overtaking on the right. Overtaking is only permitted on the left. Violations will be penalized. No dangerous overtaking in corners, or tight places.
  • Emergency – Nordschleife emergency number 0800 0302 112.
  • Leakages – Ensure that your vehicle is not leaking (coolant, oil, fuel). If you discover a leak, park the car immediately at the side of the track. Warn drivers behind you. Call the Nordschleife emergency number: 0800 0302 112.
  • Flashing yellow light – When the amber light is flashing, drivers must be able to stop at any time within their field of vision. Greatly reduce speed.
  • Better safe than sorry – always choose appropriate speeds, better go slower than too fast in unfamiliar corners.

Opening times for Tourist Drives

Usually, the track is open for Tourist Drives driving on evenings every working day, and full day on weekends. This Nürburgring track calendar shows all open days, but please notice, that the track can be closed at any point for several hours or even the whole day due to dangerous weather conditions or accidents on the track.

Opening times for Tourist Drives Nordschleife and Grand-prix tracks 

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