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There’s everything you would want from a track-orientated sports car here: it feels durable and resilient, able to lap for a long time, with handling that’s engaging without being intimidating and a powertrain that delivers low-rpm torque, top-end power and flawless gearshifts. The GTS offers – and what these models always have – is a package beyond just the dynamic gains, and quite an appealing one at that: lower than standard, included Sport Chrono package with various driving modes, adjustable suspension and PTV real differential lock.

And of course – even it is a great sport car from Porsche factory – Ringfreaks couldn’t leave it like it is. Dedication for the track driving only allows us to sacrifice some comfort features to increase performance and feel in the track. Equipped with lighter Recaro bucket seats and 6-points Schrot harness plants you well to be in control whole time, and if the worst may happen – full safety roll cage is there too.

Porsche Cayman GTS is fastest car from our fleet – therefore first laps must be with one of our professional instructors who will not only keep you safer in the Nordschleife, but as well make you faster!

Full Car Specs & Pricing

Class Year Engine Gearbox Weight
Car options SP4T 2024 2.5, 4-Boxer T, 365 hp 7 speed automatic 1400 kg
  • Left hand drive
  • 2.5-litre flat-four turbo engine
  • PDK 7-speed Gearbox
  • Porsche Sport Chrono Package
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Brembo brakes
  • Race spec brake pads
  • Lightweight BBS wheels
  • AIM MXM data logger
  • AIM SmartyCam HD onboard camera
  • 6-point roll cage
  • Recaro bucket seats (driver and passenger)
  • Schroth safety equipment
Pricing (starting from)
Pricing 2 laps
(All inclusive)
5 laps
(All inclusive)
10 laps
(All inclusive)
Extra lap
(All inclusive)
(5 laps/Extra)
Monday-Thursday 449€ (549€) 899€ (1149€) 1799€ (2299€) 180€ (230€) 899€ / 180€ 50000€
Weekend 499€ (609€) 1049€ (1324€) 1999€ (2549€) 200€ (255€)
Extras Insurance damage excess
Instructor Extra insurance Premium insurance Basic Premium
49 €/lap 99 € 199 € 50000 € 25000 €
  • First 2 laps of instructions are mandatory and are NOT included in the price.
  • If you decide to drive additional laps, we will simply charge for them when returning the car.
  • All-inclusive package includes Track entrance fee and includes first tank of fuel.
  • We can offer you extra insurance for €99. This would reduce the maximum car damage excess to € 30000.
  • Premium insurance for €199 would reduce damage excess to €25000 and cover Armco damages and Towing.
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PORSCHE GTSStarting from: 449 € / 2 laps
  • 2.5, 4-Boxer T, 365 hp
  • SP4T
  • 7 speed automatic
  • 1400 kg
  • 2024
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