BMW F30 328i

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The BMW 3-series is the standard of what a car should be like. A solid chassis, front engine, rear wheel drive and automatic Paddle-shift gearbox. The 6th generation of the 3series F30 is the younger brother of our E90.

Also in the VLN Racing series, the F30 series are becoming more and more popular in the VT2 racing class. The 2.0L Twinpower turbo engine provides similar power as our E90 330i. But a lot more torque. Therefore the car is also capable of doing even better lap times.

Of course this F30 also has the same Ringfreaks DNA as all our other cars. Full race-ready with an FIA Fully welded safety cage, Racing suspension, upgraded racing brakes, racing seats with 6-point harnesses, AIM data logging with onboard camera and other modifications to provide best performance at the track!

Full Car Specs & Pricing

Class Year Engine Gearbox Weight
Car options VT2 2021 2.0L, 4-inline T, 245 hp 8 speed automatic 1400 kg
  • 8 speed AUTOMATIC transmission
  • Pirelli tires
  • Paddle shifting on steering wheel
  • M-sport Brembo brakes with race spec brake pads
  • Lightweight Motec wheels
  • Competition race spec suspension
  • AIM data logger
  • AIM SmartyCam HD onboard camera
  • FIA homologated roll cage
  • Sparco bucket seats (driver and passenger)
  • Schroth safety equipment
  • 2-level ESP, traction control and ABS
Pricing (starting from)
Pricing 2 laps
(All inclusive)
5 laps
(All inclusive)
10 laps
(All inclusive)
Extra lap
(All inclusive)
(5 laps/Extra)
Monday-Thursday 199€ (299€) 449€ (699€) 899€ (1399€) 90€ (140€) 449€ / 90€ 18000€
Weekend 249€ (359€) 549€ (824€) 1099€ (1649€) 110€ (165€)
Extras Insurance damage excess
Instructor Extra insurance Premium insurance Basic Premium
49 €/lap 99 € 199 € 18000 € 9000 €
  • If you decide to drive additional laps, we will simply charge for them when returning the car.
  • All-inclusive package includes Track entrance fee and includes first tank of fuel.
  • We can offer you extra insurance for €99. This would reduce the maximum car damage excess to € 12000.
  • Premium insurance for €199 would reduce damage excess to €9000 and cover Armco damages and Towing.
BMW F30 328i
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BMW F30 328i Starting from: 199 € / 2 laps
  • 2.0L, 4-inline T, 245 hp
  • VT2
  • 8 speed automatic
  • 1400 kg
  • 2021
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