BMW E90 330i

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BMW E90 330i is a fast and popular racing car in VLN endurance racing championship on the Nürburgring. We love the recipe of this car: RWD + very nice naturally aspirated inline-6 engine + great handling balance (doesn’t try to kill you on every corner) = car you can push quite easily to the limits and have lots of fun.

This particular car we offer for rent is a 100% VLN V5 class racing car (but still road legal). It is your chance to have unique experience what is like to drive a race car with the same setup as we do use for racing. It’s very safe too – equipped with FIA homologated roll cage, Sparco bucket seats, professional AIM data logging system with dashboard, so you can see your lap times and many other useful information.

If you drive well this car can easily do Nürburgring BTG under 8 minutes. Enough to overtake much more powerful street cars. It’s all about cornering speeds, not just being fast in straights.

After all – you will get HD onboard video with AIM data logging overlay at no extra cost.

Full Car Specs & Pricing

Class Year Engine Power Weight
Car options V5 / RS5 2017 3.0L, 6-inline, 270 hp 6 speed manual 1350 kg
  • Right and Left hand drive
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Yokohama Semi slick tires
  • Race spec brake pads
  • Lightweight Motec wheels
  • Racing spec suspension
  • AIM MXM data logger
  • AIM SmartyCam HD onboard camera
  • FIA homologated roll cage
  • Fire extinguisher system
  • Sparco bucket seats (driver and passenger)
  • Schroth safety equipment
  • 2-level DTC traction control and ABS
Nurburgring tourist drive Trackday Extras Damage excess (without insurance)
Damage excess (with insurance)
2 Laps 5 Laps 10 Laps 1/2 day Full day Instructor Insurance
199 € 469 € 899 € 899 € 1299 € 39 €/lap 199 €149 € 9000 € / 4500 €

Additional lap € 99. If you decide to drive additional laps, we will simply charge for them when returning the car.

Not included in the price: fuel and entry fee to track day or tourist drives.

We can offer you insurance for extra cost of € 149. This would reduce car damage excess cost to € 4500 ex. MwSt.

BMW E90 330i
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BMW E90 330iStarting from: 199 € / 2 laps
  • 3.0L, 6-inline, 270 hp
  • V5 / RS5
  • 6 speed manual
  • 1350 kg
  • 2017
  • LHD or RHD
LHDRHDSelect wheel side LHD or RHD
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