Race Car Rental Nurburgring

We are the only rental company offering a fast and FIA-safe REAL racing cars to drive on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Every year we race and win podiums with them running the same setups. Feel the difference!

Only Perfect Cars

Our cars are always in their best shape and we do intensive check after every drive. They always come with fresh semi-slick tires and brakes we use for racing.

Free Onboard Video

After each drive we will send you a professional HD ONBOARD VIDEO with data overlay, speed, lap times and track layout - it‘s very useful to improve your skills! And we will do it with NO extra charge.

Flexible Booking Dates

If you have booked our car and your plans has changed or you aren’t happy with the weather – you can change booking date without any fees.

Extra Insurance

All our cars has a mandatory 3rd party insurance. You can also buy extra insurance from us to reduce your liability in case of accident.

Professional Coaching

We can offer you a professional racing instructor coaching for just 39€ per lap. Very recommended for first time drivers on the Nurburgring to make most out of your experience!

Helpful Team

We always have our people at the track parking lot ready to help with everything you need at no extra costs.

Race Suspension

Every car is equipped with a proper race suspension. Every year we race and win podiums with them while running exactly the same setup.

HD Onboard Cameras

Professional AIM data logging system with HD onboard cameras. After each drive we will send you onboard videos with data overlay, speed and track layout with NO extra charge.

FIA Roll Cage

FIA homologated roll cage and other race mandatory equipment for your maximum safety during the ride.

Race Ready Brakes

Racing-spec brake pads, discs and fluid will give you maximum braking power at any conditions.

Bucket Seats

Equipped with 6-point harnesses for your own stability, safety and comfort to resist G-forces.

Racing Tires

Fresh semi-slick Yokohama Advan AD08R tires works as good in dry as in wet conditions.

Ringfreaks - 5 star-only rated experience!

Because we care so much about every detail to make sure you get only the best service and great experience!

Don't miss your chance to drive Ringfreaks race cars on most exciting track in the world!